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Choose From Neytiri Avatar Movie Costumes for Women

World-wide known film Avatar was released in December 2009 and since that time has become one of the most beloved movies created in the last several years. Consequently, a great number of Avatar movie costumes have been created and entered the fashion quickly. Just before Halloween many people start searching for festive costumes they would like to wear for the part, and certainly most of them prefer to choose their favorite movie characters. In fact, movie character Halloween costumes give women an excellent opportunity to have the outlook as their favorite heroine at least during one day of the year. So, there's no doubt why the Avatar Neytiri Costume is so widely preferred nowadays.

Let's remind the plot of the fantasy movie in brief. Sam Worthington in the role of Jake Sully is a paraplegic former marine who has has made the contract according to which he has promised to assist one scientific project on Pandora, a planet in another galaxy. Jake is offered an 'avatar' of the Na'vi, the race living on Pandora. There he gets acquainted with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the Na'vi princess and in the course of time he falls in love with her. But he stands before an uneasy choice - his love for Neytiri and his secret promise to assist Col. Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) wants to destroy the race of Na'vi to enable the human race to mine the rich mineral unobtainium that exists on Pandora only. Consequently, Jake Sully finishes with the career of a tough marine entering the selfish scientific team and becomes a warrior fighting for life of the Na'vi people and protects them from the human race. At first, Neytiri becomes suspicious of Jake and teaches him only about their ways under the supervision of her mother. But as time passes by, she falls in love with him and joins him in the responsibility to save her planet - bear mattress.

So, the most preferred Avatar costume for women is certainly the Avatar Neytiri costume. Any lady can buy a Neytiri costume alone, but if you really wish to look like Neytiri, it's better to purchase an Avatar Neytiri Wig and Avatar Neytiri Mask in addition. For more information about these Halloween costumes you're welcome to visit www.NewAvatarCostumes.net. This website offers a Neytiri costume for ladies in the following sizes: x-small, small, medium and large. Its price is $46.99. The girls will be offered the Neytiri Child Avatar Costume for Female available in sizes 4-14. And this Avatar Halloween costume female can be bought for $29.99. it's important to mention that this costume for women and girls doesn't have any additional accessories.

Search for the posts on www.NewAvatarCostumes.net and you'll find a great number of Avatar costume ideas. It's not necessary to buy all the amenities, just use the offered Halloween costume ideas in order to look more like Neytiri. You can also see Avatar costume ideas for adults and children. Good luck!